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Why I Removed My 10K Instagram

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Social media has drastically changed within the last 4 years. To start, I was never one who loved posting online. Four years ago you'd find me sharing a family picture at the holiday's and maybe a random post in-between.

Insert starting a virtual business while living 500 miles away from home and social media became my new normal. It was a great way to grow and connect with others, but it easily started to be a large time consumption & even a place where I shared too much of my life (yes, there is such thing).

Over the last 2 years I've drastically scaled back on WHAT I share and why. While I want you to know me & see that I'm a human/mom/wife/etc, I also want privacy for my family and my children. Plus, I was finding myself having to "document" every moment of life. I didn't want my kids growing up with my cellphone in their face just to share on social media (not that you have to do this to grow a business online, but this is what I started to feel internally), I wanted them growing up with ME present in front of them-not much of that was happening holding a cell phone. Scaling back on this has been one of the best decisions I've made. I feel so much more present with them & can live in the moment. Putting the phone on the shelf and leaving it for hours is becoming EASIER & EASIER! I'm hoping this next decision to remove my large account proves to have the same result.

I've used a lot of methods over the years to grow my pages. Engagement pods, giveaways, I've even hired a man from the Philippines to grow my account. As a result, many of these followers weren't truly interested in my content. While my page looked "large" in the sense of numbers, I wasn't really serving all of these people.

The stress of constantly growing, fighting algorithms, checking posts to see if they are doing well, changing my content because it wasn't "popular" had finally become enough. I was changing my mission based on an Instagram platform-how dumb does that sound typing it out.

Deleting all of my social media accounts sure sounds tempting, but to start, I have a business online. Two, that would mean pulling back from sharing the GOOD things with those around us. I truly believe that if more of us show up with that servant heart, we CAN make a difference.

I'm not here to grow a platform, I'm here to share what God has put on my heart. So if that means I only have 200 followers on my current page, but they are here to travel this road WITH me, then I'm here for it.

My prayer is that I can continue to share content that makes you feel empowered, connected, and inspired. I have to constantly remind myself to show you the REAL side of life and not just a highlight reel. There's this peace and understanding that likes, comments, shares, views have NOTHING to do with you as a human (however, I have to remind myself of this daily).

I'm realizing bigger is not always better. Sometimes it's the small and intimate places where you can connect and grow the most.

How is your social media impacting your life? Are you addicted to the hit of dopamine you get when you see that notification pop up? Are you living life through others online? Are you using it numb away other feelings? Or is it a place of anxiety and comparison?

Do you need a little cleanse of the friend list? Maybe just a week away? What about putting social media apps on an old phone to limit the time you spend on your phone?

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