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Why Saying Yes to God's Plan Matters

We are coming up on our last week in the south and boy has it been a journey.

I was definitely a little apprehensive to dive back into full-time work and transitioning back to the ER brought in a whole new wave of challenges. Truthfully, I was comfortable at home doing my own thing. But we all know what comfort zones do for us.

So we took the leap to come to South Carolina for a few months and I dove back into a hospital system that I loved. I have felt so much growth and peace in my life these last few weeks. A peace that I know only is coming because God wanted me here in this season.

While I have worked full-time hours, being here without endless house projects and in the warm weather has allowed us park days, pool days, and mornings spent on our deck as a FAMILY. We spent an amazing weekend at Hilton Head Island twice and really got to slow down for a bit.

Honestly, life wasn’t busy at home it was just filled with a lot of tasks to do each day.

We went from living on 6 acres, 4600 square foot house, with all the amenities to living in a 3-bedroom apartment and no yard to call our own. I never thought I’d say this but this apartment is so much easier to manage and I’m loving the simplicity.

All of this to say here’s what I’ve learned: you don’t need more things and you certainly aren’t going to be getting more time. You need more simplicity. A life fueled by living for memories, moments, and serving others compared to a life building for things, status, and external appearance.

I had no idea why God put this on my heart or why it all worked out how it did-we had so many obstacles that could have made it so easy to stop this process, yet here we are. When God puts something on your heart, trust him. Lean into him and the peace that SURPASSES all your possible understanding will come over you. In all my time in healthcare, this is the most at peace I’ve felt. This is pretty strange considering when I left I ran out the doors fully burnout and the complete opposite of peaceful.

So what’s next? Our goal when we are home is to sell our home. We LOVE it, but we are craving more simplicity. We are going to trust that God guides us on the next step. I’d love to continue to come back south for short weekends every now and then and work at the hospital I’m currently at. It is truly one of my favorite roles in healthcare. So hopefully this will serve as some more fun getaways for us in the next year to come.

Then we trust. We trust that God is continuing to guide us and he will show us what we need to know when we need to know it. This is much easier said than done, so it will take daily reminders and prayers. But here's the thing, when you learn that you don't have to do it all because God is working, you can let go of the stress of figuring it all out-talk about a HUGE weight lifted!

Here’s a prayer for you if you are looking for guidance from God:

“Dear God, I am ready to lay down my own plans for my life and follow your plans. I struggle to let go of control and I like to know the outcome. Yet, I am constantly feeling the burden and weight of carrying it all. Open my heart to feel your presence, let my eyes see the path YOU have created for me, and let my ears hear your voice loving and supporting me every step of the way. I’m ready to do YOUR will <3 AMEN”

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