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A Look Into Our Devotional!

Our 40-day devotional is out and ready for you! I want to give you a look inside and let you dive into one of the days with me. We are going to go to day two & let you see the power that comes from running back to Jesus with us.

Let's dive in!!

Grab your Bible (or a quick internet search will do if you don't have one). Flip to Philippians 4:12-13 & read these verses.

Then reflect: These verses give us precisely what we need to be content in every situation. Did you catch what it was? How can you work on leaning into God's strength over yours?

Dive deeper with me: Philippians 4:13 is a very common Bible verse you might have heard before, but what about verse 12? Verse 12 was the one that brought it all together for me. Whether you are in one of the most challenging seasons of life or the most joyful, true contentment only can be found through Jesus' strength. When Jesus is our primary source of comfort, we know that no matter what happens, we will be okay. If you haven’t been in the routine of turning to prayer when things go wrong, it will take some time to create this new habit.

Over these next 38 days, our goal is to help you learn how to turn to Jesus for comfort instead of earthly desires. When you discover this contentment, it doesn’t matter what happens in your world. As long as you are building a relationship with Jesus, you will find peace & rest that only he can give. I want to insert a little disclaimer; this doesn’t mean you won’t feel hurt, disappointment, or rejection. I’m not asking you to be all rainbows and sunshine when life weighs in on you.

Finding your strength in Jesus means even in the hardest of seasons, you have a sense of hope that God is working even when you don’t see it. You have faith in his plan & know that everything is working out according to his will.

Daily prayer: God, thank you for giving me this time to slow down. Bring me back to living for you and letting go of the things I’ve been chasing. My mind can so easily spin & I can get distracted to the point that I numb out and miss it all. Help me to slow my thoughts and bring it all back to you. Amen.

Are you looking for a quick little burst of Jesus each day? If so, be sure to grab a copy of our devotional. Orders received by February 23rd should arrive in time for Lent. The 40 devotions make a great Lenten commitment to complete :)

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