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Virtual Events

Join us as we put our Run Back to Jesus podcast episodes into motion. Each week we will take our podcast topic and do a workout that dives deeper into the theme for the week. We have a variety of different workout options that range from strength training, HIIT (body weight) classes, stretch & recovery, and cardio classes. During cardio classes, you can run, walk, use a spin bike, or elliptical. All classes are hosted on Zoom. 

Can't make it to a live class or missed a workout? Check out our RUN BACK TO JESUS memberships HERE for access to all of our classes on demand. 


We are currently on a break from live workouts. In the meantime, we wanted you to have free access to some of our favorite workouts. Please follow our YouTube. If you'd like full access to all workouts, our Run Back to Jesus memberships are still available HERE.

No events at the moment
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