Run Back to Jesus
Advent Email Series

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Join us for a 28 day journey into a deeper connection with Jesus this Advent season. By enrolling you will receive a daily email starting November 28th and ending December 25th. 

Each email will have a daily Bible verse, a reflection, a few thoughts on the verse, and a morning prayer for you. 

We highly encourage doing this with a few friends or family. You can have a small message thread and discuss the reflection questions each day or just keep each other accountable! Please share this link with them so they can get the emails in their inbox!

The Why

Have you ever got to the day after Christmas and just felt like something was missing? Your season was filled with so many things on your to-do list, you had this hurried sensation, time flew by, you were stressed, & overwhelmed. When you look back on the holiday you realize that you didn't have have that deep of a connection with Jesus. You grumbled more than you prayed, you tried to measure up more than you spent time in service, and you just left feeling empty. 

If any of that resonates, then you are in the right place. I've felt all of these things. This season I want to slow down and really connect back to Jesus. As I am working through my own growth in my faith journey I simply want to share that with you if you are looking to grow in your faith this year. 

My hope is that you can find a few friends to do this with & also grow your relationship with one another. There is nothing more powerful than a small group working to help one another grow in their faith.