Run Back to Jesus
5 Day Free Course

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Join us for a 5 day free course that helps you center your life on Jesus. 


This course will run December 27th-31st.


Each day you will receive a 3-5 minute training.  You'll then have a Bible verse, reflection prompt, small task, and daily prayer. A free PDF workbook will be provided. 

We highly encourage doing this with a few friends or family. You can have a small message thread and discuss the reflection questions each day or just keep each other accountable! Please share this link with them so they can get the emails in their inbox!

The Why

I've had many seasons where I go into the new year setting health, financial, and career goals. Yet, these things always fall short. I've been finding that having these goals isn't always bad, but it is when they are my top goal that it becomes a problem. What if you could put Jesus at the center of your life and then look at your other goals to see how they could point you back to Jesus? Instead of exercising to look a certain way, what if you exercised for the additional energy and mental focus it gave you to live out God's calling in your life? What if you wanted to increase financial goals to give back to those in your community? 

Whatever your goals might be, if you have a desire to have Jesus as your main goal, we are going to help you get there.