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Why I Thought One Ice Cream Made Me Fat

I used to think if I ate ice cream I’d get fat. I vividly remember going to a local ice cream shop where you could get a HUGE serving of ice cream for just a few bucks. This stuff was made locally and was incredible.

I was trying to be in control of my food choices and opted for a small serving size of my favorite strawberry cheesecake. The next day I woke up feeling so bloated, I thought I looked “fat” in the mirror because of the bloating, and the scale was up 3-4 pounds.

Instantly my teenage brain equated eating ice cream to getting fat. This further fueled a disordered eating problem that would continue for several years.

I didn’t know that my gut wasn’t responding correctly to the food. I suffer from PCOS and as a result, have unwanted side effects from gluten and dairy. Many clients I coach have similar issues (regardless of the PCOS diagnosis).

Our gut is the gateway to the nutrients of our food being absorbed. This isn’t only important for physical health, but mental health as well. 90% of the hormone serotonin, known for making us feel happy, comes from our GUT! This not only helps us feel happy but can also impact our cravings as well.

Gut imbalances have led to painful bloating experiences. Some physically, but also mentally as well. I was at a wedding and had eaten some gluten the day of the wedding. I felt bloated and so miserable all night. Top it off by being asked if I was pregnant and it was a good thing I had a glass of wine and just shook it off.

Here’s what’s changed when I keep my gut health in check. I have more energy. I can eat a large volume of food and actually feel full while losing weight. My cravings aren’t out of control. Bloating and gas are significantly improved (my husband is appreciative of the latter). Most of all, my mood is so much better.

This helps me be more patient with my family, do better work with my clients, and continue to follow after the callings God has put in my heart. It has taken a lot of work to overcome those old beliefs I used to have, but understanding the science of how my body responds has given me so much more freedom!

What you eat matters! Eating healthy is so much more fun when you see how it correlates to so many areas of your life. AND it's fun when you learn how to eat with so many natural flavors. Eating healthy can taste amazing and treat your body well.

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