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What's Missing from the Holiday??

Have you found yourself feeling like there's just something missing from the holidays and you can't put your finger on it?

Shortly after we got married, my husband and I figured it was just because there wasn't a bunch of little ones running around. Now that we have kids they absolutely add so much joy to the season, but there's still something missing.

As I started to reflect on what it is that brings my children so much joy this season, I began to reflect on my years as a child and what was so magical about Christmas. I found what I believe is the missing link for me & maybe it will be for you too.

When I grew up I believed in Santa. He was a figure that I didn't "see", but I believed in him with my whole heart. The entire season I knew he was watching so I tried to be on my best behavior, while also knowing even if I messed up he was still going to come. When Christmas finally arrived my eyes would light up with this amazing sense of awe that Santa does exist! He did listen even when I couldn't see him and despite having off days, he still brought me gifts!

THIS is the missing link my friends, but it isn't Santa. It's Jesus. Jesus is REAL, He does exist, we don't always see Him, but He's right here with us. Jesus is going to love us through every season. If we just have faith in Him He is going to listen to our needs & give us the gifts that we need exactly when we need them. Yet, unlike Santa, these likely aren't material things wrapped up in pretty boxes. Jesus promises something so much better: hope, love, peace, and the true freedom that can come in only following Him.

What if we believed in Jesus this season like we believed in Santa when we were kids? What if we knew that even though we couldn't see Him, He is working hard to give us everything we need?? We may not see the full fruition of those gifts here on earth, but we absolutely will when we are in heaven with Him. What if that same joy we have been missing on Christmas is found in connecting with Jesus?

If you'd like a simple way to add more of Jesus into your life during this Advent season, we are doing a 28 day "Run Back to Jesus" Advent email series. Each day you'll have a Bible verse to look-up, a short reflection, and a morning prayer. Test out this theory and see if the missing link for you is a deep connection with Jesus. This is absolutely free!

Feel free to share with your friends and do this together! There is nothing greater than growing in faith together with a few important people in your life!

You can enroll HERE

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