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This Is Not My Plan

This is not my plan.

When I started my health and wellness business in 2017, the plan was never to fully leave my role as a nurse practitioner in healthcare. Even as my business grew, I had kept a PRN position to maintain my license and have just a little time in my original passion.

It was actually because of the pandemic that I was forced to step out of my position. So, in early 2020, I hung up my stethoscope and fully left the healthcare career. It wasn't my plan, it was God's.

Since then, I’ve had random thoughts of wanting to step back in. Over this past winter as things have really ramped up and I’ve seen the burnout in my friends and family I kept getting this tug in my heart to go back.

So after not being able to shake the thought, I finally decided to explore some options.

It’s been an interesting road. I explored different positions from staff nurse to nurse practitioner roles. It didn't matter where I was working, I simply wanted to find a place where I felt appreciated for any time I could give.

One interview asked what my 5-year plan was and I simply laughed to myself and thought, “I don’t have one for this”. This is NOT my plan, this is God’s plan. I’ve felt him putting this in my heart and while I have no idea where it will take me, I’m simply following it. I've pushed away God's nudges in my past and I know that if I keep suppressing it, he will go to some big lengths to get my attention.

I have been so honored to find 2 different locations that were so excited to have the help and both of them are in the areas where I find the most joy serving.

Now, the biggest question. Am I quitting coaching? HECK NO!! I am taking PRN positions so I can choose when I work. Both locations know that I have a family and business that come first. I am in no way, shape, or form leaving my business.

In fact, it is because of my business that I’m able to step in and do my part to serve my community during this time.

We have done so much streamlining that most of my work is done from 5am-6am each day. Which is leaving my schedule open to do more to use the gifts God has given me.

Unlike the last time I worked in healthcare, my husband is now fully retired and able to be at home with our children. They will get to spend extra time with just their dad and there won’t be crazy days of balancing schedules. I also want my kids to see that sometimes we have to set our desires for life aside to do what is best for others.

Stepping back in is fueling more drive for growth in my business and to help my coaches have this same freedom. I want my ladies to be able to choose when they work, how they work, and where they work. I want them to have this ability to step in and do things they are gifted at, but also not be so wrapped up in it that they are burned out and exhausted.

I want to show all of you that your path is going to look different, but that if the tug is there you should follow it.

To all of you who have been working through this pandemic, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done. I’ve seen the exhaustion in your eyes. I am praying for you.

So, here’s to my next adventure. A crazy twist in the road, but I’m ready to take the ride!

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