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South Carolina Transition

We have been down south for about 6 days and I cannot even begin to put into words how much we all needed this time away. Our kids have been loving being outside after a full winter of being indoors, there are so many fun parks, and it’s been nice to just BE.

If anyone needs a park review in the Upstate of South Carolina-we’ve got you covered!

Of course, this isn’t all play. I will begin working next week at the hospital. I was supposed to start this week, but licensure problems delayed our start. I’m sure those of you in healthcare can understand what a process that is. For now, we are just enjoying our time here as a family without the responsibilities of being at home. (To those of you who don't know, I am doing a 2-month temporary travel assignment in a hospital in South Carolina, we still have our permanent home in Ohio).

This is the time of year when I can feel the weight of seasonal affective disorder. If you have the chance to get outside (even if it means bundling up) DO IT. If a vacation opportunity or even just a long weekend road trip pops up on your radar-TAKE IT!

An 8-10 hour car ride to warmer weather for 2 days might be all you need to refresh yourself.

If a trip isn’t possible the next best thing that helps me is exercise. Move your body, get that heart pumping, raise your body temperature and sweat a little!

We have all of our PRAYER & WORKOUT replays HERE . These are free of cost to join.

We are also hosting a GUT HEALTH education group next week. We will show you how food can impact your mood and why it matters :) You can join by enrolling HERE.

Apartment living has been so much different than I anticipated. It has actually been so nice to simplify life. The location we are staying is very nice and a wide variety of individuals staying here. Yesterday my son rode his bike with 3 other kids for over an hour and it just made my heart melt. The square footage is about 1/4 of our home and it has seemed much easier to manage/organize. We also don’t have all of our stuff, which shows me how many extra things we have accumulated that we really don’t need.

Once we are home it will be time for some spring cleaning!! :)

I hope this is a great week for you and that you enjoy some sunshine and warmth no matter where you are!!

THANK YOU so much for being here with me!

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