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No Mom Can Ever Be Enough....

Even the best moms in the world have days where they lose their patience, they forget the kid's treat for school, they cut the slice of bread in half instead of a diagonal, they pick out the wrong outfit, they don’t have the cleanest home….

This past week I was cooking dinner while my kids were playing by me. My son wanted to help & needed a chair because my daughter was on our kitchen stool. Sure enough, he came pushing the chair with full force to help and just about plowed his sister over. The few quiet warnings didn’t catch his attention, so finally a loud “STOP” was what finally kept him from pushing his sister to the ground. Wouldn’t you know it, just that second someone came to the door. At that moment I lost my cool & another person was there to see it. I wasn’t enough.

No human will ever be perfect or fully enough. As moms, we can have so much pressure to do it all and this constant fear that we mess our kids up. Here’s what helps me in the moments where I fall short. I remind myself that the only thing I need to consistently do is lead my kids back to Jesus. Because on the days where I am not enough, HE will be.

So to all my moms, I see you. I see you doing your best & know that you carry so much weight to raise your babies right. Just keep leading them back to Jesus, because ultimately these babies aren’t ours, but his. He will always be enough, even when we aren’t.

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