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It Wasn't My Husband Walking Up to Me at My Car

I was walking out of the grocery store yesterday as my husband and kids were in the car. I opened the back and assumed it was my husband walking up to me. Then I saw him still in the car.

A woman approached me and was begging for money for food. She repeatedly said she had 2 children.

If anyone knows me, I never have cash on hand.

I asked her how old her children were. She seemed so confused. She thought for a few moments with a blank look on her face and said 3 months and 2 years.

So I reached into my cart and the first things I found were some fruit pouches and protein bars. I figured these things didn’t need refrigerated and would at least be something.

She just stared at me. She continued to beg for money for food as I offered her the food I had. I told her I had no money on hand, but she could have the food or anything else she saw in my cart that would help them. She didn’t take the food and walked away.

So many times my heart aches for people who are needing help, but I have also seen people take cash and use it for drugs, alcohol, or addictions that only worsen their situation.

So here’s what I do in that circumstance—if you need food-I’ll get you actual FOOD. If you run out of gas then I’ll fill your tank. If you don’t accept those things and just want money-I’ll pray for you.

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