Let's Run Back to Jesus


Palm Running is a faith based approach to exercise, nutrition, and life! We want to help you feel alive through movement & good nutrition that leads you back to God.  While we do offer running coaching, we are more than that. We want to help you RUN the race set before you & have the energy to say yes to every calling God has put in front of you!



Exercising with Baby
Stretching Exercises

Private Clients & Group Training

Group Fitness

Let's work together to find your FIRE & drive for life. I will work individually with you to establish a fitness and nutrition plan that helps you live your best life. Whether you are a mom looking to get healthy after having babies or an endurance athlete looking to train for an upcoming event, I can help! You will also gain access to our online fitness community where you will find a safe and supportive place as you take on your health journey.

We offer virtual and live group fitness classes. Join us for virtual Prayer & Workout HIIT and Spin classes. We will help your mind, body, and soul feel alive!

Organized Desk

Business Mentorship

Are you feeling called to use your passion for fitness, nutrition, and faith to serve others? I offer business mentorship for faith based women looking to answer a calling in their heart to serve people through the fitness industry.