Business Mentorship



Do you have a love of fitness, but you just aren't sure how to turn it into a business?​

Are you already a fitness professional who feels like they need additional resources growing in the virtual market? 

Would you like additional resources to offer clients so that you can provide a holistic approach to coaching?

If you said YES, then I can help you!

Fill out the form below, share as much detail as you can, and we will review it and see if you would be a good fit for our team. If selected, we will reach out to schedule a 20-30 minute Zoom interview and information call to discuss how I can help you turn your passions into your own business. 

Fitness Lovers

without certifications

If you are extremely passionate about fitness and serving others, but you do not have the resources. I can help you. We have all of our client based programming done so you will have thousands of workout programs, running plans, recovery sessions, pre & post natal trainings, and nutrition education to offer your clients. 

You are just asked to stay within your knowledge level and seek out any assistance from our team of certified coaches if you do not know how to help your clients.

One of the biggest things a coach can do is pour belief into their clients. You do not need a certification to support someone, check-in on them, and walk the journey with them. 

Fitness Professionals

with certifications

I will help you take your knowledge & experience and create a holistic approach to your client services.

If you already have your own business, I will help you expand your services and properly brand yourself to see the growth you desire. You have the freedom to use your training to put your own flare on your workout programs & courses. 

We will help you maximize your impact, without spending more hours in the gym. 

Business Services

  • One-on-one mentorship

    • I will help you maximize your own health journey and take everything you've learned to pay it forward to others​

  • Branding & marketing

    • Learn how to share your passion and never sell a product​

    • No need to mass message and spam friends and family, I teach attraction marketing

  • I was able to go from the everyday mom & healthcare provider to the CEO of my own business. I will teach you all the business tips and strategies so that this can become a sustainable business for your family without having to sacrifice precious family time to grow. I will teach you to streamline your business. 

    • Current social media trends to match Instagram and Facebook algorithms to assure you get the right eyes on your content

    • Assistance with email marketing development

    • Assistance with website development

    • Advertising training for social media platforms

  • 3rd party training circuits and programming to serve any fitness level of client that you bring in

  • 3rd party nutrition education courses based on evidence based research. Clients learn how to eat to fuel their body without restricting food groups or severe calorie deficits.

  • Running training plans

    • 5K

    • 10K

    • 1/2 marathon

    • Full marathon

Have a Team to Help You

I currently lead the number 53rd team out of 450,000 in the online home fitness industry. My team is filled with nurses, nurse practitioners, health care professionals, personal trainers, teachers, stay-at-home moms, and individuals truly passionate about helping others live their best life.

Our teams ranking is based off of the success of our new coaches. This means we have all of the tools to help you see success. 

You will find an entire support system of women who genuinely want to work together to serve more people. 

We look for individuals who will be a positive influence on the lives they encounter and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. 


"I can’t say enough about what Ashley’s mentorship has done for my own coaching business! She’s so passionate about creating a team that helps people absolutely thrive - whether it’s clients or coaches and her energy is so contagious! Working with her has changed my life because this business is a total blessing, but it also takes incredible grit and support to succeed and Ashley is DEDICATED to seeing her coaches see success — I feel so incredibly blessed to have her in my corner because our team is changing so many lives through her leadership!" -Tiffany M.

Common Questions

Q: How do I obtain clients? 

A: You are responsible for obtaining your own clients as you start your business. I will assist you with social media branding and development to use attraction marketing so you do not have to mass message or feel like you are selling to friends and family. Coaches who hit a base benchmark will be eligible for free lead clients. 

Q: How am I compensated?

A: You are compensated based on the clients you bring in to use our third party programming. Each business owner can set their own coaching service fee and determine the cost for their services. We will assist you with making business packages that are affordable for your clients, but let you begin to build the income you desire. 

Q: Is there a business fee?

A: Initial business fees generally start at $200. These will include all of my business trainings, one-on-one mentorship, our client resources, nutrition programs, and my initial business mentorship fee. After month one, you are only required to pay $16/month to continue to receive my coaching support and access to our resources.