Hi, I'm Ashley! I am a mom of two precious little ones & I have been married to the love of my life for 8 years. We officially met at a mutual friend's wedding and we've talked every day since. 


I grew up playing many sports and fell in love with running after sustaining a career ending volleyball injury. 


While I had intended to play basketball in college, I ended up taking a spot on our NCAA Division II track and cross country team. The 800m and 4x800m were my favorite races to compete in.

After college I continued to stay active running and strength training. Prior to becoming pregnant with our first I had plans to start training for the Olympics. Motherhood would sideline that dream.


My original carer was working as a nurse practitioner in a large trauma center. I loved the rush, critical thinking, and being there to provide care for those in some of the hardest moments of their life. 


In my time in the emergency room I treated so many patients for diseases that could have been prevented with proper nutrition and exercise. I saw such a need for more education and support in regards to health prevention. 


I am an online health and wellness coach and business mentor. I help my clients find sustainable workout and nutrition plans and keep them accountable to their goals.

I have built a 6 figure online health and wellness business that has let me pursue all of my passions & have the time freedom I desire. 

My whole mission is to help you live the life you were made for. I can help you get into the best shape of your life & I can also help anyone wishing to serve others through health and fitness turn it into their own business. 


I went to school to become a nurse because I loved helping others. Ultimately, I furthered my career to become a nurse practitioner because I wanted higher level of autonomy and to be able to make a bigger impact for my patients. 

I absolutely love and adore the healthcare role, but after my first pregnancy I was looking for a way to gain more time and financial freedom. 

I felt like I was missing out on so much of my life with my family. I was working nights and weekends, so we didn't have to send my son to daycare and I was burnt out. I am naturally a very hard worker, and despite a 6 figure income in healthcare, it didn't seem like it was enough. Each year I'd get my 1% raise and I wasn't making a dent in the $80,000+ student loan debt I had acquired. 

I kept thinking there had to be another way I could use my education, but I didn't know how. During my pregnancy I had met another women who was a virtual business mentor and I started to fall in love with what she was doing. She was helping people with their health, she worked on her own schedule, and she was able to be present with her children.

A two month scare with a rare form of cancer after I had my son, was enough to make me realize I needed to take the leap.

Life is way too short & I knew I was going to regret not giving it a try.

Instead of leaving healthcare, I found my way to use everything I'd learned in my schooling to help people prevent disease. I wanted to help people stay out of the ER and not become one of the many patients that I saw who had lacked good habits with exercise and nutrition and now were left with chronic issues that couldn't be fixed.

In 2017, with no business background, social media follow, and at a point where I was in the worst shape of my life, I opened the doors to my business.

My mission was simple: show other women the real side of postpartum that I was living where the weight doesn't magically fall off with breastfeeding. Learn how to be active and fit as a mom and let other women see you can still feel like an athlete as a mom. Most of all, grow a business built off of service & heart so that I could earn a little more time at home with my son. 


I have learned that flexibility and harmony are the things I need to see success. I am an early riser and get all of my important business tasks done prior to my children getting up.

You'll find me at my desk by 3-4am each morning! This lets me grow my business, have this career that continues to fill my cup, and then I get to unplug. 

I have breakfast with my family, we do morning activities, eat lunch, play, and then during their afternoon nap I'm back working again. 

Having a schedule and setting business hours has been the best thing we've done as a family. It can be tempting to never 'turn off' your business mode when you run your own business. So having those hours has helped protect my time and keep me from being burnt out with my business. 

During the long winter months in Ohio, I'll work on some projects in the winter and have evening calls. However, once summer comes we take full advantage of all the warmth we can get. We spend a lot of times at parks, in our pool, and at the beach!

The best thing about growing your own business, is you decide your work hours and your results. My babies always come first, so it has given me the freedom to have the flexibility when they protest a nap, don't feel well, or just need extra time with mom!


Please feel free to follow my on my social media and reach out and introduce yourself. I love to get to know others who are passionate about bettering their life and looking for different ways to improve!

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