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Hi, I'm Ashley! I am a wife, mom, nurse practitioner, Christian author, faith-based fitness instructor, and health coach! My husband and I have two little ones. We officially met at a mutual friend's wedding, and we've talked every day since. 

My passions are fitness, faith, being with my family, and getting outdoors anytime I can!

If I could be anywhere, it would be on a warm beach with my family. Something about the ocean brings so much peace to my soul. 

I’d love to tell you that I’ve always led with my faith first, but I’ve had many seasons of just going through the motions of my faith. I’ve been the person who has used exercise and food to seek control in my life. 

It was truly in connecting back to Jesus, the words of the Bible, and some amazing faith-based influences that have brought everything together for me. 

I still fall short, and I know I will never be perfect, but God’s grace is enough for me. 

I overcame the striving and perfection mentality as a former collegiate athlete. I loved competition, but I have learned that there is no competition in life. Our goal is to follow after Jesus, use the gifts he’s given to us to give back, and keep our eyes focused on him. I love helping others find the peace and joy that only he can bring. 

My first full-time career was as a nurse practitioner. I worked in a level I trauma center and absolutely loved it. Motherhood changed my dreams, and I suddenly realized how much I wanted to be at home. 

In 2017, I started virtual coaching with a third-party source while working full-time. Just two years into growing that business, I stepped aside from my love of healthcare and entirely took on coaching at home. It was my way to impact health and be present while raising my children. 

My business has changed and grown through many different seasons of my life. I now own Palm Running LLC, a faith-based approach to fitness and life. I love teaching faith-inspired treadmill, cycle, HIIT, and strength training classes. Outside of group fitness, I love working one-on-one with individuals to help them with their specific health goals. I like to take it slow and go back to the basics. Simple and sustainable is always what I lead with. 


I help others connect back to Jesus through faith-based workouts and diving into God’s word in the Bible!


I’m a certified running coach and spin instructor. I do take private clients and offer group fitness options as well. I love to use my background in medicine and my passion for health and fitness to help individuals take control of their health. This might mean reversing/reducing current health diagnosis symptoms or disease prevention. 


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I would LOVE to get to know you more! Please feel free to follow me on social media, follow my blog, email me, or use the contact button below. It is always so fun to get to know you & also learn how I can best serve you. 

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